Tangent Moves

Tangent Moves was born out of the pandemic and comprises a bunch of musicians who enjoy getting together to jam, making music in the joy of each other’s company.

More than just a collective, Tangent Moves is also a platform for young musicians to hone their crafts and serves a music portal for collaborations and training/learning purposes.

Founded by Lionel Tan, a founding member of the T’ang Quartet, Tangent Moves was created to push classical music beyond the realm of concert halls, and to reinterpret it through cross-genre experimentation and improvisation. If you are keen to get involved or collaborate, do not hesitate to reach out via lionel@tangentmoves.sg

In Tandem

We love creating work in a venue not many people even know exists. Some very magical programmes have been made here.

We figure we are better off focusing on our music so the folks here help us with our bookings. Most of all, they are more organised than we are.

We think a world without arts and culture is soulless, and, thanks to you, we continue to keep (performing) arts alive. Don’t stop funding.

National Parks

Music and nature make great dates. Our programme In Tune With marries these two elements. We hope more people can take a break from the digital world and get in sync with nature while enjoying the beautiful sounds of music.

Sharing some of the artists we dig at the power station. Do check in here once in a while for our new releases.

The audio-visual experts we trust for all our shows, live or virtual!

Off Tangent